Australia Forever

11 cool facts about Australia


This article contains 11 different cool facts about Australia from the alcohol, the number of kangaroos in the country to other different cool and fun facts about Australia.

  1. Australia is the world’s sixth largest country

Australia is 7.7 million square kilometres which is 32 times larger than the United Kingdom, 20 times larger than Japan and more than two times larger than India. A cattle station called Anna Creek Station in South Australia which is 23677 square kilometres making it the largest on the planet exists as well.

  1. This country is home to the earth’s longest straight road

The Eyre Highway between Balladonia and Caiguna is 146km long making it the world’s longest straight road which shows the vastness of Australia. The 5600km Dingo Fence spanning from southern Queensland to South Australia is also the world’s longest fence. The mail run in this country is also the longest as it spans 1450km from Cairns to Cape York.

  1. This country’s capital was made to overcome an inter-city disagreement

When the federation of Australia was formed in 1901, Sydney and Melbourne could not decide on which place should be the capital. A new capital city named Canberra which may mean ‘meeting place’ in the local indigenous language ended up being built somewhere between the two.

  1. Australians drink 12.2L of alcohol within a year

Due to the different wine regions in the country like Barossa Valley, Margaret River, The Hunter (the most well-known) which produces more than a trillion bottles a year and a flourishing beer scene, Australians end up drinking 12.2L of alcohol per year according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

  1. 26% of the country’s population is born overseas

This country is one of the world’s most multicultural nations. Half the population of Australian parents are born abroad while a quarter of Australians are born overseas. Various languages like Mandarin, English and Arabic is spoken in Australia including the various indigenous tongues.

  1. This country has more than 10,000 beaches

Due to the country’s vast coastline spanning 26,000km which contains approximately 10,685 beaches, one has the privilege visit as many beaches as possible. Australians love beaches and more than 85% of the population is living within 50km of the coast.

  1. The Australian Alps has more snow than the Swiss Alps

The Australian Alps which is Australia’s highest mountain range stretching from southern New South Wales to Northern Victoria is 2000m above sea level. This area also has more snowfalls than the Swiss Alps within a year.

  1. This country has the world’s oldest living culture

Indigenous Australians are the oldest living ethnic groups on earth dating back to more than 60,000 years old with more than 250 different ethnic groups speaking their own languages. The Europeans only arrived during the late 18th century.

  1. Australian platypus is venomous

This creature can secrete venom from spurs on its rear limbs even though it may not be fatal to humans. Other dangerous creatures are like sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish, snakes, stingrays and spiders.

  1. This country has more kangaroos than humans

The Australian population is approximately 25 million while the number of kangaroos are reaching 50 million which is twice the amount of the human population. This has caused kangaroos to be made for human consumption on the food market.

  1. This country is second on the Human Development Index

Un’s Human Development Report placed Australia in the silver medal position in terms of health, education and wealth. It is second on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s to be born countries and ninth on the World Happiness Report. Melbourne is also known as the world’s most livable city for seven years already.