Australia Forever

11 reasons to love Aussie folks


OZ OZ OZ. OI OI OI! Mad love for my fellow Aussies:

  1. Laid back people

Australians are generally very relaxed and laid-back. When something goes wrong, you will most likely hear “no worries, mate” or “she’ll be right, mate”.

  1. Australians are irreverent

Australians are generally very cheeky people who love challenging the opinions of others.

  1. Australians are funny

Australians generally have a good sense of humour that is injected with sarcasm which means well if they joke about someone in that manner.

  1. Simple people

Australians generally live very simple lives. As long as they can barbecue, enjoy at the beach or have a glass of beer while watching sports, they are already more than happy.

  1. Diverse people

Australia has migrants from Europe, Asia, the Middle East as well as Africa. The various people from these different countries make the country successful and multicultural.

  1. Tolerant people

Australians are generally very tolerant to people from other parts of the world as they realise diversity is important in building a successful multicultural nation. Australia also has a lot of LGBT people living there.

  1. Attractive people

Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman are among the most good looking Australian celebrities. However, normal Australian people are attractive as well.

  1. Tough people

Australians are capable of surviving on an island filled with creatures like sharks, spiders, jellyfishes and other scary creatures willing to destroy them.

  1. Sporty people

Australians are naturally good at sports due to out-running crocodiles at a young age and also out-swimming sharks. Australia is also home to some of the most talented athletes.

  1. Friendly people

Australians are generally friendly and approachable to others as one only needs to smile and say “G’day, mate” to make friends with them.

  1. Loyal people

Australians are generally very loyal and helpful to those in need of it especially in times of adversity by being their “mates”.