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11 ways Australians are ridiculously friendly

Koala Bear

Australians are so friendly to the point that the phrase “G’day, mate” is uttered by every Australian citizen. Here are 11 reasons why Australians are so friendly.

  1. The egalitarian characteristic

It all started when Australian cricketer greeted Queen Elizabeth in 1977 with “G’day, how ya goin’?” This is basically how everything started. Everyone is greeted with the same expression regardless of who you are or where you are from.

  1. Their sense of humour

The Australian sense of humour is dry, brief and sarcastic which is why it is extremely interesting and friendly when meeting new people with that sense of humour.

  1. The word ‘mate’

Australians use the word ‘mate’ when addressing everyone they meet from their friends to their boss or even people from other countries.

  1. The constant swearing

Australians love swearing and dislike anything that is formal. This is what makes them down-to-earth, friendly and welcoming towards others.

  1. Australian slang

Australians have a variety of different slang words like Grog, servo, snag, bogan, gibber and barbie.

  1. Open-mindedness

Australians support same-sex marriage. They even have a celebration to commemorate the day in which the law got enacted.

  1. Multicultural society

Australia may not be a perfect country but a quarter of Australians are born overseas so it is not common to hear different languages being spoken in major Australian cities.

  1. The ritual of the shout

Shouting has got nothing to do with raising your voice in Australia. In fact, it means that one buys a round of drinks for another party and the other party has the return the favour in the future.

  1. Waving

In Australia, always wave your hand to another car that lets you pass first. This is a way to thank the other person who lets you cross the road or drive past the road first.

  1. The front taxi seat

Sitting in the front of the taxi shows a sign of egalitarianism and respect for the taxi driver. Doing so and talking to the taxi driver would be more appropriate as opposed to sitting behind the taxi.

  1. Disrespect for disrespectful people

This pretty much sums everything up. Australia’s disrespect for disrespectful people makes the country one of the friendliest nations on earth.