Australia Forever

12 stereotypes Australians hate


There are myths about Australia ranging from deadly animals to culinary choices and other things to name a few. This list mentions 12 stereotypes Australians hate.

  1. Deadly animals

While venomous snakes, spiders and blue-ringed octopus as well as fierce sharks and saltwater crocodiles exist in Australia, it is unlikely that a person would be killed by any of these creatures according to a recent study from Melbourne University.

  1. Vegemite for three square meals a day

Even though Australians love vegemite, they do not consume it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, it is only taken as a snack when spread and consumed with toast.

  1. Riding kangaroos

Even though kangaroos are seen in urban areas, Australians do not ride kangaroos like horses to their point of destination.

  1. Criminals

Even though 164,000 criminals were sent to Australia between 1788 and 1868, 24 million of the citizens living there are mostly free from this criminal heritage. A quarter of Australians are either Europeans from other countries or Asians.

  1. Australia is a large desert

Even though a large portion of Australia is known as the outback, more than 80 percent live in the urban areas and various cities which is 50-100 kilometres from the coast.

  1. Uncivilised

Australians are not uncivilised people even though Eric Bana’s Kath and Kim portray them to be this way. In fact, Australians are well educated. Australians also invented things like the black box flight recorder and the Wi-Fi.

  1. Surfers

Even though Australia has more than 10,000 beaches, only 10% of the Australian population surfs for recreational purposes.

  1. Shrimp on the barbie

This line was made popular by Paul Hogan from Tourism Australia’s 1984 tourist ad. Australians however do not use shrimp but prawn instead.

  1. Racist people

Even though certain minority groups in Australia claim that Australia is a racist nation, Australia is in fact a successful multicultural nation with 26% of the population being born overseas. Different languages are spoken and faiths observed as well. Melbourne has the largest Greek population outside of Greece and the country celebrates different festivals like Chinese, European and American festivals.

  1. Fosters beer

Even though this is an Australian beer, it is more popular among British people as Australians prefer beer brands like Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught.

  1. Hot all the time

Even though Australia gets hot to the point that the temperature hits 50.7⁰C (123.3⁰F) sometimes, it also reached -23.0⁰C (-9.4⁰F) in Charlotte’s Pass. Places like Victoria and News South Wales also have regular snowy seasons.

  1. Fit and tan

Not every Australian is ripped and tan. In fact, approximately more than 60% of adults are now considered overweight. Being tan is also dangerous in Australia as the country has the world’s highest skin cancer rate.