Australia Forever

18 reasons to travel to Australia

Twelve Apostles

Australia is a country filled with great landscapes, wildlife and beaches. Below are the 18 reasons why one should visit Australia:

  1. The beaches

The Twelve Apostles in Victoria is one of the vastest coasts on Earth. It is located on the Great Ocean Drive which is one of the world’s top road-trip routes making it much more pleasurable.

  1. The beach quality

The beaches in Australia have white sands, palm studs, hidden coves and crystal-clear waters.

  1. Kangaroo Island

This island lacks predatory animals making it safe for Australian wildlife like kangaroos, koalas, whales and dolphins to live naturally in their habitat. This island can be approached by taking a short plane or a ferry ride from Adelaide.

  1. Australian deserts

The Australian Outback is one of the most unique places on Earth with bright red earth that is littered with white sand dunes which has a canyon with waterfalls and aboriginal cave drawings. This destination offers a life-changing experience.

  1. Tropical Australian forests

Queensland has ancient forests, green islands and amazing parks like the Daintree National Park, vast ferny jungles, steamy hot springs and tropical waterfalls.

  1. Skiing

Mount Buller in Australia looks almost like Switzerland and it also allows skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

  1. King’s Canyon

Australia has King’s Canyon located in the red deserts of Watarrka National Park. Walking along the rim allows one to enjoy the amazing views before arriving at a shady waterfall to cool down.

  1. Surfing

Places like New South Wales and Lucky Bay in Australia have massive waves which enables surfers to enjoy themselves.

  1. Jumping crocodile cruise

Paying a visit to Kakadu National Park will enable one to enjoy the jumping crocodile cruise on the Adelaide River.

  1. Shark Cage Diving

Diving in the South Australian waters enables one to get up close and personal the Great White Sharks.

  1. Naracoorte Caves

Visiting the Naracoorte Caves enables one to see the remains of marsupial lions, Tasmanian tigers, explore dramatic caverns and also see deposits of fossils from millions of years ago.

  1. Amazing Bondi Icebergs

This place is the coolest public pool on Earth. Walking from Bondi to Coogee enables ones to enjoy the scenic ocean-side walk, refreshing swim and a glass of wine at Bondi Icebergs Bar.

  1. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a beautiful place to view during sunset. Viewing it from the Opera House or Circular Quay is also amazing. Historic Rocks district also has a pub.

  1. Wine

Clare Valley in Australia offers the finest wines. All one needs is to just follow the Reisling Trail and explore the valley’s green vineyards and have a sample of crisp Australian wine at the historical stone estate.

  1. Whitehaven Beach

This beach has a long stretch of palm trees, clear blue water and soft, white and clean sand.

  1. Uluru

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a huge sandstone monolith that changes colours from bright red to soft pink throughout the day.

  1. Road trips on beaches

Fraser Island has beautiful beaches, freshwater lakes and countless wildlife including some last wild dingoes left in Australia. Renting a 4×4 and tent while cruising along the sand highway is a good way to enjoy the trip.

  1. Australia is full of Australians

Australians are friendly and down-to-earth which makes travelling to various parts of Australia an unforgettable experience.