Australia Forever


Being Australian is to be passionate. We have a deep passion for whatever we’re doing. We’re a nation that punches well above our weight in sports, the arts and technology. Whether it’s at home or the office, we give it a fair go. We attempt to pack as much in a day as we can, especially in the summer. We don’t waste a second of life. We proudly celebrate our gorgeous country, the mountains, plains, beaches and everything in between, including the extraterrestrial resembling flora and fauna that attempts to kill us for getting too close. Yes, we take pride in that too. It’s all part of who we are.

Being Australian also means to hangout with family and friends, playing backyard cricket, or lawn bowling if that’s your preference. It means surfing or hiking from dawn to dusk. It means barbies with friends, family and even strangers. Not to forget, our Vegemite sandwich.

Most importantly, it means being a part of a massive, diverse community. Cultures are so plentiful that nothing seems out of the norm. It’s all kinds of crazy stories that we’ve got because of this crazy country.