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16 reasons to visit Australia at least once in your life

Sydney Opera House

Australia is a country full of history, diversity and culture. From their rich history to beautiful sceneries and adorable animals, here are 16 reasons to visit Australia at least once in your life.

  1. Great Barrier Reef

This living organism is the world’s largest as it spans 344,400 square kilometres which is approximately the size of 70 million football fields. It is also one of the seven natural wonders of the world which is made up of 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. This place is also home to 1,500 other living creatures such as fish and birds.

  1. This country has one of the world’s most liveable city

Melbourne has been named the world’s most liveable city by the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Index in terms of education, health care, infrastructure, research and development, tourism, entertainment and sport. This place is also a leading financial city in the Asia-Pacific region and recognised by UNESCO as a City of Literature.

  1. Amazing wildlife

Australia is home to some of the most amazing wildlife creatures in the world such as kangaroos, emus, koalas and quokkas making this place an animal lover’s paradise.

  1. Aboriginal culture

Australia’s indigenous culture which is about 52,000 to 61,000 years ago makes it the world’s oldest culture and civilisation. The indigenous culture believes in the spiritual connection to the land and the belief of the Dreamtime. This unique culture is preserved today through sacred sites, music and art.

  1. Sydney Harbour

This harbour is in Port Jackson and is home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. It is also the starting point for the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. To get an excellent view of this harbour, take a ferry from Circular Quay or climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a bird’s eye view.

  1. Australia has more than 500 national parks covering an excess of 28 million hectares accounting for four percent of the total land area while another six percent is designated to nature parks, state forests and conservation reserves which ranges from deserts, alpines and marine areas. Australian national parks are the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Kakadu, Uluru-Kata Tjuta and Purnululu to name a few.
  2. Uluru

This place is also known as Ayres Rock and it is a 600 million year old sandstone rock formation in the Northern Territory. It is a scared place to indigenous Australians which gives out an atmospheric and a spiritual heir. Standing in its golden shadow gives you a sense of great admiration. It is also taller than the Eiffel Tower as it is 348 meters in height and 9.4 kilometres in circumference.

  1. 10,000 different beaches

Australia has 34, 218 kilometres of beautiful coastline making Australians love the beach. Some good examples are Bondi Beach and Whitehaven Beach. Australia has 10,000 beaches for visitors and it would take about 27 years to visit every single one of them.

  1. Big attractions

There are about 150 massive roadside attractions in every state and territory of Australia. The first ever built in 1963 is the Big Scotsman in Medindie, Adelaide. Other attractions are like the Big Banana, the Big Merino and the Big Pineapple.

  1. Wonderful architecture

Australia is also well-known for its beautiful architectural sites like the UNESCO World Heritage listed Sydney Opera House, The Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne and the controversial Federation Square.

  1. Dreamy islands

Australia is known as the world’s largest island-continent which is surrounded by 8,222 other islands. Some examples are Lord Howe Island and Kangaroo Island.

  1. The Australian attitude

Australians are generally very friendly and down-to-earth which ensures that others will not have a trouble fitting in with them. Australians love sports, barbecued foods, beers and have their own sense of humour. Australians also value mate ship comprising of loyalty and friendship.

  1. Australians love sports

Australians are obsessed with sports like rugby, soccer and netball to name a few. The country has also hosted the Australian Open, Formula 1 Grand Prix and The Moto GP to name a few. The AFL Grand Final and Royal Melbourne Cup also observes public holidays to commemorate the occasion. The Olympics was also hosted twice in Australia. The first is during the year 1956 in Melbourne while the other one is during the year 2000 in Sydney. The Commonwealth games was also hosted on four different occasions.

  1. The wineries

Wine was firstly produced in Australia in 1788 after the arrival of the First Fleet. Since then, 100 different grape varieties have been planted across 65 designated wine regions. Wine connoisseurs visit regions like Barossa Valley and Hunter Valley to taste the wine there. Good examples are like Shiraz and Sauvignon blanc.

  1. Adrenaline rush

People who love adrenaline experiences would love scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge, diving with Great White sharks in Port Lincoln and also going for a jet ride in Australia.

  1. The great Outback

Australia is the world’s sixth largest country and the world’s smallest continent. It is however the world’s largest island with 80% of the population living on the coast. This country is also known as the red centre as Australia has harsh climates and wonderful sceneries.

12 stereotypes Australians hate


There are myths about Australia ranging from deadly animals to culinary choices and other things to name a few. This list mentions 12 stereotypes Australians hate.

  1. Deadly animals

While venomous snakes, spiders and blue-ringed octopus as well as fierce sharks and saltwater crocodiles exist in Australia, it is unlikely that a person would be killed by any of these creatures according to a recent study from Melbourne University.

  1. Vegemite for three square meals a day

Even though Australians love vegemite, they do not consume it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, it is only taken as a snack when spread and consumed with toast.

  1. Riding kangaroos

Even though kangaroos are seen in urban areas, Australians do not ride kangaroos like horses to their point of destination.

  1. Criminals

Even though 164,000 criminals were sent to Australia between 1788 and 1868, 24 million of the citizens living there are mostly free from this criminal heritage. A quarter of Australians are either Europeans from other countries or Asians.

  1. Australia is a large desert

Even though a large portion of Australia is known as the outback, more than 80 percent live in the urban areas and various cities which is 50-100 kilometres from the coast.

  1. Uncivilised

Australians are not uncivilised people even though Eric Bana’s Kath and Kim portray them to be this way. In fact, Australians are well educated. Australians also invented things like the black box flight recorder and the Wi-Fi.

  1. Surfers

Even though Australia has more than 10,000 beaches, only 10% of the Australian population surfs for recreational purposes.

  1. Shrimp on the barbie

This line was made popular by Paul Hogan from Tourism Australia’s 1984 tourist ad. Australians however do not use shrimp but prawn instead.

  1. Racist people

Even though certain minority groups in Australia claim that Australia is a racist nation, Australia is in fact a successful multicultural nation with 26% of the population being born overseas. Different languages are spoken and faiths observed as well. Melbourne has the largest Greek population outside of Greece and the country celebrates different festivals like Chinese, European and American festivals.

  1. Fosters beer

Even though this is an Australian beer, it is more popular among British people as Australians prefer beer brands like Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught.

  1. Hot all the time

Even though Australia gets hot to the point that the temperature hits 50.7⁰C (123.3⁰F) sometimes, it also reached -23.0⁰C (-9.4⁰F) in Charlotte’s Pass. Places like Victoria and News South Wales also have regular snowy seasons.

  1. Fit and tan

Not every Australian is ripped and tan. In fact, approximately more than 60% of adults are now considered overweight. Being tan is also dangerous in Australia as the country has the world’s highest skin cancer rate.

11 ways Australians are ridiculously friendly

Koala Bear

Australians are so friendly to the point that the phrase “G’day, mate” is uttered by every Australian citizen. Here are 11 reasons why Australians are so friendly.

  1. The egalitarian characteristic

It all started when Australian cricketer greeted Queen Elizabeth in 1977 with “G’day, how ya goin’?” This is basically how everything started. Everyone is greeted with the same expression regardless of who you are or where you are from.

  1. Their sense of humour

The Australian sense of humour is dry, brief and sarcastic which is why it is extremely interesting and friendly when meeting new people with that sense of humour.

  1. The word ‘mate’

Australians use the word ‘mate’ when addressing everyone they meet from their friends to their boss or even people from other countries.

  1. The constant swearing

Australians love swearing and dislike anything that is formal. This is what makes them down-to-earth, friendly and welcoming towards others.

  1. Australian slang

Australians have a variety of different slang words like Grog, servo, snag, bogan, gibber and barbie.

  1. Open-mindedness

Australians support same-sex marriage. They even have a celebration to commemorate the day in which the law got enacted.

  1. Multicultural society

Australia may not be a perfect country but a quarter of Australians are born overseas so it is not common to hear different languages being spoken in major Australian cities.

  1. The ritual of the shout

Shouting has got nothing to do with raising your voice in Australia. In fact, it means that one buys a round of drinks for another party and the other party has the return the favour in the future.

  1. Waving

In Australia, always wave your hand to another car that lets you pass first. This is a way to thank the other person who lets you cross the road or drive past the road first.

  1. The front taxi seat

Sitting in the front of the taxi shows a sign of egalitarianism and respect for the taxi driver. Doing so and talking to the taxi driver would be more appropriate as opposed to sitting behind the taxi.

  1. Disrespect for disrespectful people

This pretty much sums everything up. Australia’s disrespect for disrespectful people makes the country one of the friendliest nations on earth.

7 unknown facts about Australian cuisine

Australian Food

New Year, new food to discover.

Australian food is beyond foods like meat pies and fish and chips. Australian cusine also has different dishes like falafel and kofta to various sorts of wine and coffee. This article shares 7 unknown facts about Australian cuisine.

  1. Australian cuisine does not exist

Australian food consists of British foods, foods from Mediterranean Europe, Middle Eastern foods and Indigenous foods to name a few. Australians eat different foods for each meals like meat pies or roast lambs.

  1. Australians love vegemite

Vegemite is made from yeast extract used to brew beer. It was invented by Cyril Percy Callister in 1919 who is a chemist from Melbourne due to disrupted Marmite imports from Britain after World War One. Vegemite is thick, black and beefy looking and it is best spread with buttery toast for consumption.

  1. Australians consume their national animals

Kangaroo and emu, two of Australia’s national animals are eaten by Australians to help control Australia’s population which is destroying the country’s natural ecosystem. There are even places in Australia where both these animals’ meats’ are served.

  1. Australians do not throw shrimp on the barbie

Australians do not use the word shrimp. The word used is prawn instead so Australians cannot take it every time they hear the phrase by Paul Hogan in the 1984 well-known tourism ad which is “Throw another shrimp on the barbie”.

  1. Australia is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world

Although Australia is stereotyped as a beer drinking nation, this country is the fifth largest exporter of Vino on the planet as more than 750 million litres is shipped every year which gives the economy almost $6 billion every year while 500 million litres of wine is sold at home every year. Wine growing regions in Australian are in places like Adelaide and Margaret River.

  1. The flat white is invented by Australia

Due to Greek and Italian immigrants in the early 20th century, the flat white milky coffee got invented and got served at Sydney’s Moors Espresso Bar in 1985. It is now served all over the world. Coffee beans are popular in places like Surry Hills and Marrickville.

  1. Australia and New Zealand are at war over dessert

Pavlova, a dessert named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova after touring Australia and New Zealand in 1926 is having a conflict over its real ownership. This soft, fruit-filled meringue desert loved by everyone has its roots in Auckland all the way back to 1911 but Australians claim that a the version we know today is created by a Perth hotel.

11 cool facts about Australia


This article contains 11 different cool facts about Australia from the alcohol, the number of kangaroos in the country to other different cool and fun facts about Australia.

  1. Australia is the world’s sixth largest country

Australia is 7.7 million square kilometres which is 32 times larger than the United Kingdom, 20 times larger than Japan and more than two times larger than India. A cattle station called Anna Creek Station in South Australia which is 23677 square kilometres making it the largest on the planet exists as well.

  1. This country is home to the earth’s longest straight road

The Eyre Highway between Balladonia and Caiguna is 146km long making it the world’s longest straight road which shows the vastness of Australia. The 5600km Dingo Fence spanning from southern Queensland to South Australia is also the world’s longest fence. The mail run in this country is also the longest as it spans 1450km from Cairns to Cape York.

  1. This country’s capital was made to overcome an inter-city disagreement

When the federation of Australia was formed in 1901, Sydney and Melbourne could not decide on which place should be the capital. A new capital city named Canberra which may mean ‘meeting place’ in the local indigenous language ended up being built somewhere between the two.

  1. Australians drink 12.2L of alcohol within a year

Due to the different wine regions in the country like Barossa Valley, Margaret River, The Hunter (the most well-known) which produces more than a trillion bottles a year and a flourishing beer scene, Australians end up drinking 12.2L of alcohol per year according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

  1. 26% of the country’s population is born overseas

This country is one of the world’s most multicultural nations. Half the population of Australian parents are born abroad while a quarter of Australians are born overseas. Various languages like Mandarin, English and Arabic is spoken in Australia including the various indigenous tongues.

  1. This country has more than 10,000 beaches

Due to the country’s vast coastline spanning 26,000km which contains approximately 10,685 beaches, one has the privilege visit as many beaches as possible. Australians love beaches and more than 85% of the population is living within 50km of the coast.

  1. The Australian Alps has more snow than the Swiss Alps

The Australian Alps which is Australia’s highest mountain range stretching from southern New South Wales to Northern Victoria is 2000m above sea level. This area also has more snowfalls than the Swiss Alps within a year.

  1. This country has the world’s oldest living culture

Indigenous Australians are the oldest living ethnic groups on earth dating back to more than 60,000 years old with more than 250 different ethnic groups speaking their own languages. The Europeans only arrived during the late 18th century.

  1. Australian platypus is venomous

This creature can secrete venom from spurs on its rear limbs even though it may not be fatal to humans. Other dangerous creatures are like sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish, snakes, stingrays and spiders.

  1. This country has more kangaroos than humans

The Australian population is approximately 25 million while the number of kangaroos are reaching 50 million which is twice the amount of the human population. This has caused kangaroos to be made for human consumption on the food market.

  1. This country is second on the Human Development Index

Un’s Human Development Report placed Australia in the silver medal position in terms of health, education and wealth. It is second on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s to be born countries and ninth on the World Happiness Report. Melbourne is also known as the world’s most livable city for seven years already.

18 reasons to travel to Australia

Twelve Apostles

Australia is a country filled with great landscapes, wildlife and beaches. Below are the 18 reasons why one should visit Australia:

  1. The beaches

The Twelve Apostles in Victoria is one of the vastest coasts on Earth. It is located on the Great Ocean Drive which is one of the world’s top road-trip routes making it much more pleasurable.

  1. The beach quality

The beaches in Australia have white sands, palm studs, hidden coves and crystal-clear waters.

  1. Kangaroo Island

This island lacks predatory animals making it safe for Australian wildlife like kangaroos, koalas, whales and dolphins to live naturally in their habitat. This island can be approached by taking a short plane or a ferry ride from Adelaide.

  1. Australian deserts

The Australian Outback is one of the most unique places on Earth with bright red earth that is littered with white sand dunes which has a canyon with waterfalls and aboriginal cave drawings. This destination offers a life-changing experience.

  1. Tropical Australian forests

Queensland has ancient forests, green islands and amazing parks like the Daintree National Park, vast ferny jungles, steamy hot springs and tropical waterfalls.

  1. Skiing

Mount Buller in Australia looks almost like Switzerland and it also allows skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking.

  1. King’s Canyon

Australia has King’s Canyon located in the red deserts of Watarrka National Park. Walking along the rim allows one to enjoy the amazing views before arriving at a shady waterfall to cool down.

  1. Surfing

Places like New South Wales and Lucky Bay in Australia have massive waves which enables surfers to enjoy themselves.

  1. Jumping crocodile cruise

Paying a visit to Kakadu National Park will enable one to enjoy the jumping crocodile cruise on the Adelaide River.

  1. Shark Cage Diving

Diving in the South Australian waters enables one to get up close and personal the Great White Sharks.

  1. Naracoorte Caves

Visiting the Naracoorte Caves enables one to see the remains of marsupial lions, Tasmanian tigers, explore dramatic caverns and also see deposits of fossils from millions of years ago.

  1. Amazing Bondi Icebergs

This place is the coolest public pool on Earth. Walking from Bondi to Coogee enables ones to enjoy the scenic ocean-side walk, refreshing swim and a glass of wine at Bondi Icebergs Bar.

  1. Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a beautiful place to view during sunset. Viewing it from the Opera House or Circular Quay is also amazing. Historic Rocks district also has a pub.

  1. Wine

Clare Valley in Australia offers the finest wines. All one needs is to just follow the Reisling Trail and explore the valley’s green vineyards and have a sample of crisp Australian wine at the historical stone estate.

  1. Whitehaven Beach

This beach has a long stretch of palm trees, clear blue water and soft, white and clean sand.

  1. Uluru

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a huge sandstone monolith that changes colours from bright red to soft pink throughout the day.

  1. Road trips on beaches

Fraser Island has beautiful beaches, freshwater lakes and countless wildlife including some last wild dingoes left in Australia. Renting a 4×4 and tent while cruising along the sand highway is a good way to enjoy the trip.

  1. Australia is full of Australians

Australians are friendly and down-to-earth which makes travelling to various parts of Australia an unforgettable experience.

11 reasons to love Aussie folks


OZ OZ OZ. OI OI OI! Mad love for my fellow Aussies:

  1. Laid back people

Australians are generally very relaxed and laid-back. When something goes wrong, you will most likely hear “no worries, mate” or “she’ll be right, mate”.

  1. Australians are irreverent

Australians are generally very cheeky people who love challenging the opinions of others.

  1. Australians are funny

Australians generally have a good sense of humour that is injected with sarcasm which means well if they joke about someone in that manner.

  1. Simple people

Australians generally live very simple lives. As long as they can barbecue, enjoy at the beach or have a glass of beer while watching sports, they are already more than happy.

  1. Diverse people

Australia has migrants from Europe, Asia, the Middle East as well as Africa. The various people from these different countries make the country successful and multicultural.

  1. Tolerant people

Australians are generally very tolerant to people from other parts of the world as they realise diversity is important in building a successful multicultural nation. Australia also has a lot of LGBT people living there.

  1. Attractive people

Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman are among the most good looking Australian celebrities. However, normal Australian people are attractive as well.

  1. Tough people

Australians are capable of surviving on an island filled with creatures like sharks, spiders, jellyfishes and other scary creatures willing to destroy them.

  1. Sporty people

Australians are naturally good at sports due to out-running crocodiles at a young age and also out-swimming sharks. Australia is also home to some of the most talented athletes.

  1. Friendly people

Australians are generally friendly and approachable to others as one only needs to smile and say “G’day, mate” to make friends with them.

  1. Loyal people

Australians are generally very loyal and helpful to those in need of it especially in times of adversity by being their “mates”.

11 things we love about Aussies


Aussies aren’t afraid to say things as they are. Here are 11 things we love about Aussies:

  1. Australians are irreverent

Australians are generally very open-minded and cheeky in the sense that they criticise anyone they like regardless of whether it is their boss or a politician.

  1. Egalitarian culture

Australians believe that everyone should be given equal opportunities. This is seen in its support for publicly funded education and healthcare systems.

  1. Australians suffer from ‘tall poppy syndrome’

Australians belittle others for their perceived wealth, success or status as they prefer underdogs.

  1. Diverse culture

Australia is a multicultural society made up of European, Asian and African immigrants as well as the locals.

  1. Australia is one of the oldest surviving civilisation

Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander have already existed for 60,000 years and they make up 2.8% of the population today which is around 650,000 people.

  1. Australians love eating kangaroo

There are approximately 50 million kangaroos living in Australia which is about twice the human population there. Australians generally enjoy kangaroo meat as well in the form of steaks or sausages.

  1. Drinking

Australians love drinking alcohol due to the country’s wonderful wineries as well as the flourishing brewery scene. Australians consume an average of about 12.2 litres of alcohol per capita each year.

  1. Sports

Australia has a variety of different sports ranging from tennis, Formula One, football as well as cricket making it a sports paradise.

  1. Beaches

Australians love beaches so generally most Australians live near beach areas.

  1. Tolerant

Australians are generally very tolerant towards people of different cultures and beliefs to the point that most Australians agreed with legalising same-sex marriage.

  1. ‘The Lucky Country’

Australia is known as ‘The Lucky Country’ due to its good climate, stable political system and abundance of natural resources.

If you’ve ever considered migrating to Australia (we recognise that the migrant community has significantly contributed to the economy of this country and therefore its welfare), here are some guys who are good with Australia migration. We’d be very happy to refer you guys to them.

17 Reasons to Love Australia

Heart Australia

There are so many reasons to love this country we’re lucky to call home. Here are 17 top reasons:

  1. Friendly people

Australians are generally very easy going so it will help tourists to feel more comfortable.

  1. Gorgeous beaches

Every part of Australia has got beautiful beaches. This is the reason why more than 80% of Australians live nearby the coast.

  1. Good weather

Winters in Australia are not as cold as the winters in Europe and North America. Certain parts of Australia like Townsville which is located in Queensland has got a tropical climate.

  1. Outdoor living

Australians love the outdoors. Approximately 95% of homes and apartments in Australia have a balcony, a deck or a patio for outdoor enjoyment.

  1. Beautiful islands

Islands like Magnetic Island, Kangaroo Island and Tasmania are some of the most beautiful islands in Australia.

  1. Landscape variety

Australia not only has beautiful beaches but it also has snowy mountains, beautiful national parks, rainforests as well as deserts.

  1. Cooling cities

Cities in Australia like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are liveable due to the weather and the things these cities have to offer.

  1. Kmart

This place is a paradise for every budget shopper as everything can be bought at a bargain price like homewares and clothes.

  1. Australian Music

Some great Australian musicians are Vera Blue, Vallis Alps, Illy and Vance Joy.

  1. Lollipops

Some great Australian lollipops are from Natural Confectionary Company and Allen’s. Raspberry liquorice is also an Australian favourite.

  1. Sports

Australians love sports like rugby, football and cricket.

  1. Tim tams

Tim tams are Australian chocolate biscuits which are delicious.

  1. Australian slang

Australia has a unique slang. Some examples are arvo for afternoon and avo for avocado.

  1. Slippers

Australians love wearing slippers and they do it most of the time.

  1. Animals

Australia is home to some of the most adorable animals like kangaroos, wombats and koalas.

  1. Wages

The wage pay given in Australia is significantly high.

  1. Australian celebrities

Australia is home to some of the most famous and good looking celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman.